Scituate, Marshfield fishermen question amount and timing of federal relief

The $75 million in fisheries disaster relief approved by the federal government has been good news for the fishing industry as a whole, but South Shore fishermen are uncertain as to how much relief they will receive. Read [email protected]  18:38

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  1. philips66 says:

    I didn’t realize that the Marshfield/Scituate area is the 4th biggest. Now that I think of it, makes sense. I hope some emergency $ makes it to all the fishing families that have been harmed by catch shares.

    • Dave Aripotch says:

      Ah,don’t worry about the fishermen and infrastructure. That was EDF’s plan from the beginning. Cripple the actual working fisherman financially, watch infrastructure fall also,then some big entity can come in and own everything for pennies on the dollar. The enviroscum should be proud. Betcha Janies happy. Gotta love it when a fraudulent scheme this massive starts coming together. How is it that now that we have the dream come true catch scams,people are still in trouble?

  2. Dave Aripotch says:

    After thinking about this,Ive had a great idea. And a really fair idea. The Gumnt wants to figure out how to dole out fisheries disaster funds? Well I think we should start by giving each permit holder ,that fought against catch shares,anybody that was opposed to them, basically anyone who felt they were forced into catch shares there money first. then,in the second round of money can be given to proponents of catch scams.(If theirs any left) At least thats my opinion. And count me out. I’ll cut my —– off before I’ll suck the public tit. CapnHappy out

    • Good idea Dave. Let the EDF share croppers eat their allocation and permits. Would you like some salt and pepper with those fried documents sir? perhaps a little hot sauce?
      And if there is anything left, put it into an account so we can hire lobbyists and lawyers. We’ll use their money to fight this socialist, communistic regime that now inhabits Washington DC.

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