MSA Re Auth: What in the Hell is this guy talkin’ about? Watch, and comment, please


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  1. - Moderator says:

    Doc Hastings:
    The Reautorization of the Magnuson Stevens Act

    The revisions in the Discussion Draft uphold the underpinnings of the Act.
    Let me be clear about what this discussion draft does not do -it does not eliminate the requirements that Councils and the Secretary stop overfishing.
    It does not eliminate the requirement that Councils and the Secretary rebuild overfished fisheries.
    It does not eliminate the requirement that Councils and the Secretary develop and implement Annual Catch Limits.
    It does not eliminate the requirement for accountability measures.
    It does not eliminate the requirement that management decisions be based on science.
    This draft addresses the requests of fishermen, fishing communities, fishery management Councils, and the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences that the Act be modified to provide
    fishery managers with more flexibility.
    That’s the key word: flexibility.

    I’ve noticed that some people oppose providing more flexibility to allow fishery managers to take the economic impact of fishing restrictions and environmental conditions into account when implementing those restrictions.
    That may be because those people are not directly affected by the -sometimes draconian – economic impacts.
    But the fishermen who are directly impacted have requested flexibility. The fishery managers who have to implement the restrictions have requested flexibility. And the National Academy of Sciences has recommended flexibility

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      From Rep Defazio

      The Magnuson Stevens draft is an abysmal attempt at a reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Act, which has since expired and is up for reauthorization.

      While Committee Democrats are open to reforming and strengthening the law, the draft offered up the Majority will roll back critical fishery protections and dismantle key provisions of the Magnuson Stevens Act. Further, the bill undermines bedrock environmental law including the Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, and the Antiquities Act. This is unacceptable.
      We don’t need to go back to the bad old days of boom and bust and the depletion of many stocks that still have not recovered. This doesn’t need to be a partisan issue and we are bitterly disappointed in the lack of bipartisan cooperation by Committee Republicans in drafting this bill, even after Committee Democrats asked to have input.
      Moving forward, I hope that my Republican colleagues intend to work together, with Democrats, to make common sense improvements to the Act.

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    You can read the CLF junk here.

    ◾On Tuesday, the House Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on Doc Hastings’ proposed Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization bill. Witnesses included NMFS Deputy Assistant Administrator Samuel Rauch, MAFMC Chair Richard Robins, scientist Ellen Pikitch, and Northeast Seafood Coalition Policy Director Vito Giacalone. Most witnesses supported the proposed increased flexibility in rebuilding timelines
    ◾Many other stakeholders, however, warned that the Hastings proposal would be a severe Click the link to read the rest.

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