Bountiful haddock fishing in Nova Scotia – Haddock boom could sustain industry for six to seven years

LOWER WEST PUBNICO, N.S.The Poseidon Princess steamed through the storm toward the southwest shore of Nova Scotia at eight knots, bringing home 39,000 kilograms of haddock caught hours before on Georges Bank. The wind was strong, the waves high and “a lot of stuff [was] flying around” inside the 65-foot boat during the difficult 14-hour journey, said captain Martin d’Entremont. But the mood was almost giddy – because of the record numbers of haddock that had grown big enough to catch on Georges Bank. Read [email protected] 22:24

In Pictures: Record-sized 2010 year-class creates haddock boom could sustain industry for six to seven years. Photo gallery 21:05

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