GEARNET Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering & Demonstration Network- Proposals are due December 31, 2012

Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering & Demonstration Network  FINAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS –GEARNET is currently scheduling port and sector meetings for December to develop your  ideas for a second round of proposals. Our goal is to address your gear needs through pilot ‐scale projects funded by NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center Cooperative Research Program. Proposals are due December 31st, 2012.

Why should you get involved?

Are you struggling to catch your allocation because you run into fish for which you have no allocation?

Are you interested in improving fuel efficiency and lowering your operating costs?

Would you like to try sensors to measure door spread or indicate when your codend is full?

Do you have ideas for improving your gear’s selectivity but cannot afford to make the changes?

Would you like to try a topless trawl or raised footrope gillnet? Or other fishing gear that you’ve heard about but don’t have access to?

For more information about GEARNET and current projects please visit us at


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