Did crab pot lines cause the Lady Cecelia’s sinking? Coast Guard Formal Board of Investigation starts second round hearings

Did crab pot lines cause the Lady Cecelia’s sinking?


The vessel was in good condition,” said Ward, adding that it was very strange to have a cluster of crab pot buoys underwater. Lt. Anthony Hillenbrand, the lead investigator, would later introduce the fishing term “flower pots” as a possibility for what the Lady Cecelia got tangled up in. It means a group of crab pot lines tangled and wound up during a storm or surge and appearing like flowers from the top.He said that, in his opinion, the vessel, which was rumored to have near its maximum load of fish, might have run into multiple crab pot lines, started listing to the left while caught on the lines, catastrophically rolled the opposite direction when the port side stabilizer finally snapped off, and capsized in a quick roll.


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