A Sustainable Natural Resource: Newfoundland launches seal-industry campaign as Ottawa appeals WTO ruling

Hutchings said there are now an estimated eight million seals in the region, taking an uncertain toll on cod and other fish stocks. “Just looking at one species like the animal welfare groups do, I’d certainly welcome a look at the whole ecosystem and how they can support us in supporting that ecosystem.” Read more here  19:16


    Lets be realistic the early Settlers saw the big Picture. These animals weren’t just euthanized the animal was used. The Furs became rugged Clothing and the Meat was eaten. I’m sure the Bones could be used and the remaining Organs could be Composted or broken down to produce Methane Gas.
    I’m sure its even an Ethnic Meal to some.
    Just look at the Seals on the Cape and the Great Whites they’ve attracted. What about Wild Turkeys and Coyotes. Have you or a friend lost a beloved Cat, Dog, or other Pet to a Coyote? Look at the picture of your beloved Pet and the poor Seal that needs Population control. These Great Whites didn’t happen by. Watch their violent attack.
    We’re not thinning the Deer Herd for the hell of it. Lyme Disease anyone?
    Raccoon Scooby Snacks with Vaccine not just another fun normal thing to do,
    Have Beavers made your Estate a Wet Lands?
    Face it Animal population control is necessary in some cases.