Out in Left Field – “and their Senate leaders reward them with $33 million in fisheries welfare”???

“Our recreational sector was never looking at handouts to sit at home like the New England commercial sector, but we were just looking for an honest hand so that our folks can keep fishing,” Donofrio added.  Ya Gotta read more here! 12:53

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  1. Mark S Phillips says:

    While I can agree that NY and NJ got screwed your comment about overfishing is flat out false. Most if not all groundfish stocks have not had their quotas harvested so have been underfished by definition. The groundfish disaster is a failed experiment by former NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco. that tied up 60-70% of the industry. The restrictions that these boats follow are the most severe in the world and your comment about draggers being rewarded just fuels the animosity between recreational and commercial fishermen. When did a dragger in southern new England land more cod in a month then what 1 party boat lands in a day. You do a disservice to your industry by putting out false NGO talking points.

  2. - Moderator says:

    “Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) whose 2013 House amendment to increase the fisheries disaster relief funding for New York and New Jersey alike was voted down in Congress said called the NMFS announcement disappointing. “The decision to allocate only $3 million for New York and New Jersey fisheries that were devastated by Sandy out of a total appropriation of $75 million is unfair and diminishes the true extent of the damage caused by the ‘once in a century’ storm,” Pallone said.”

    Two different disasters, Senator “Out of Touch” Pallone.

    Yours was a natural disaster, the groundfish disaster was created administratively.


    So we have an Apples and Oranges argument with a sour Grapes response. I assume we are speaking of Charter Boats. I presume these Vessels were insured to be replaced and liability to carry passengers. After the Northeast Fisheries was carved up there certainly were plenty of Vessels available for purchase or a new Vessel could’ve been built. FEMA and the Red Cross must have provided assistance.
    The Northeast Fisheries on the other hand was not insured to Fish. In fact their Heads were on the Block waiting for the Axe to swing. How many part-time Businesses are we talking here in reality or should I say Realty.


    To clarify the part-time Businesses I brought up would be the Charter Boats, more then likely Six Pack Class. Personally I don’t have a problem with them because they allow the General Public a chance to experience the wonders of the Sea.
    They should also be concerned with “The Obama Ocean Policy” and the danger of allowing the U.N.s “Law of the Seas Treaty” a threat to our Soveriegnty.

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