In New Orleans courts, the legal gusher BP cannot contain

But the source of much of BP’s ire lies with a legal donnybrook over a settlement designed to compensate individuals and businesses for economic harm caused by the spill. BP alleges that many of the 256,478 claims filed — by a parade of fishermen, hotels, surf shops, law firms, nursing homes, strip clubs and others — are unjustified or even fraudulent. Read more here  13:46

One Response to In New Orleans courts, the legal gusher BP cannot contain


    The 1989 Valdez spill was a mere Model of a Disaster in a remote Area compared to this Planet destroying Event in a densely settled Region Vacation Land and Food Resource Environment.
    8000 Plaintiffs died before the Valdez spill was settled and you can bet many more passed or are suffering from some illness. The Spill Site is still far from cleaned up.
    The BP spill was enormous in comparison and it will take decades, centuries, or forever to clean up. The mess is still on the Bottom and will continue spread and leach out.
    BP should be required to clean the Bottom and continue to clean surfacing Toxic Pollution.
    As far as settlements go I agree with investigating false claims and retracting or refusing them. Overall I believe they better keep their Check Book open until everything is safely restored and those that were effected are cared for because Valdez is an example of problems arising long after the spill.
    Also Dr. Lubchenco past NOAA Head should be held accountable for allowing BP to use “COREXIT”. She had the foresight of the 1989 Valdez spill with the use of “COREXIT” and the fallout from it.


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