Groundfish Disaster Aid Spending Plan: NSC, Assoc.Fisheries of Me., CCCFA and Maine Coast Fishermen’s Assoc.

This proposal is meant to accomplish the following: (1) Offer a regional spending plan to ensure consistency in the treatment of fishing businesses affected by the disaster. (2) Mitigate the economic injury incurred to those commercial fishing businesses that have been impacted by the groundfish disaster. (3) Improve the future viability of the commercial groundfish fishery.  .  Read more here  02:27

  • – Moderator

    basically the NSC sent this out Mar 11th and the fishermen from their sectors have until the 17th to reply “yes” or “no”.
    As of yesterday, people from the other non NSC sectors didn’t even know this plan exists.

  • Is this a joke? What are the economic injury incurred by the CCCHFA? In the first couple of years of catch shares they cleaned up with their unlimited quotas. They probably had their best years courtesy of catch shares, and that’s an economic injury?

  • Toby Lees

    right on , this is the first I have heard of this con! all insiders , Fast forward!

  • Toby Lees

    so I will side with Dickie on the con, my vote is NO!!

  • Seems like a no brainer that they should consider the catches and financial histories for these years. The permits that did well shouldn’t get a cent. Only the permit holders and crew who suffered financial harm should get the relief and they should get large chunks of relief because catch shares harmed them. The big winners of the catch shares scam should not get any disaster relief!