Fishing Vessel Engineering – Bearing Failure On Fishing Vessels

bearing failure 3Not every day in fishing boat engineering is a good day. When an engineer working a shift at a factory has a bad day, he goes home at the end of the shift and grabs a nice cold one. When a boat engineer has a bad day, the shift seems to never end and home is a place that takes days to get to and money for refreshments requires fish in the hold to pay for them. With that in mind I hope this fishing vessel engineering article series helps some of you to make it back to the dock with enough cash to pursue whatever makes you happy. Today’s disaster is,,, Read more here  17:22


3 Responses to Fishing Vessel Engineering – Bearing Failure On Fishing Vessels

  1. CaptainMike1 says:

    maybe I’m not looking at this right, but where you installed the grease fitting doesn’t seem to lubricate the bearing, but rather the entire inside of the motor housing? No?

    • CaptainMike1 says:

      nice article though – let’s take care of our bearings – and they will take care of us (-:

    • MIGHTYJ says:

      Once you put the inner and outer bearing cavity covers on the grease surrounds the bearing and is kept out of the motor by the tight tolerances between the shaft and the inner bearing cover. Since there is no seal of any kind some grease will get through if you over grease the motor. Most electrical motors are constructed in this fashion (All of the larger ones are.) I have a 150 horse power motor that has some bearing noise right now so in the near future I may wind up with some updates for this article.

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