Dogfish ‘everywhere’ (not just) in Gulf of Maine, but sales go nowhere

Regulators may raise catch limits on the voracious little shark, which competes with more valuable ocean species for food. And here’s the problem: Scientists say there are huge and growing numbers of dogfish in the Gulf of Maine competing for the same food as more commercially valuable species, such as cod and haddock. Read more here  08:10

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    They don’t just compete with the Cod and Haddock. They eat them too. Have you ever seen a Bobtail Cod? It’s not a new species, it’s a lucky Cod for now. A Dogfish got his tail soon his Size will overwhelm that Stub and soon the Dogs again.
    Look at the Dogs cruising the Sandy Bottom for small Flounder or anything else edible. Lets be Green and make Methane out of them. I’m sure that anything that urinates thru it’s Pores would breakdown fast.
    Remember NOAA you can’t just pick and chose. The Dogs have become an invasive Species and have effected the Groundfish population too.

  2. philips66 says:

    The endangered ones LOL what a pack of idiots the “scientists” are

    • This is what happens when bureaucrats try to play God. Fishermen have been telling these fools for years about the exploding populations of these highly predatory fish. Did they listen? Noooo, what the hell do fishermen know anyway. Scientists with PHD’s have all the answers. Read it in a book you know. Many have never set foot on the deck of a working fish boat in their lives. PHD: Piled Higher and Deeper.

  3. Ed Everich says:

    The first Dogs that I cut was in the mid 70’s,had a net full just North of PJ lt. Each and every one of them was chock a block full of short Lobsters the size of Jumbo shrimp. I saved 3 or 4 boxes just for the heck of it, I don’t remember what the return was but I did get something. The next time I cut Dogs was in the mid 80’s, we had a tow right out in front, I called in and they said go ahead and cut 10,000 or so. We ended up with around 5,000 cut and I think we got 25 cents for them which at that time was better than what you can do now.
    My how we’ve come ahead !!

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