Big Green’s ‘sue-and-settle’ strategy draws pushback from states, Congress

Scott Pruitt is Oklahoma’s attorney general and he’s fed up with Big Green’s outrageously destructive sue-and-settle attacks using endangered species as a weapon to obliterate America’s burgeoning oil and gas production. (OUR INDUSTRY?) Read more here washingtonexaminer 11:25

8 Responses to Big Green’s ‘sue-and-settle’ strategy draws pushback from states, Congress

  1. Chris Scola says:

    For a long I have felt that commercial fishermen should donate to a fund thats dedicated to funding litigation against opponents of the industry such as nmfs,pew edf, etc. For example, if EDF leaders are quoted making false statements in the press we would sue them for slander. Even if we lost most of these cases it would keep them on the defensive and drain some of their resources. Maybe someone from the center for sustainable fisheries could weigh in on this.

    • - Moderator says:

      We were talking about designating a couple of million from the $20 million left on the table by the NSC plan for permit buy backs (total BS) and using the money to do exactly that!
      Set up a fund to sue, and retrieve reparations for those that have been hosed, and free this industry from the people that are harming fisheries the most!

      • Chris Scola says:

        I think that’s a great idea. But this will be a never ending siege that will require a steady flow of money. Maybe if reparations are given a small percentage could be reallocated to continue the process. We have to make these bastards so afraid to sue that they will only proceed on issues that they can be 100% sure about.

  2. - Moderator says:

    I agree. Prime the pump, and regenerate the fund.
    I also believe there are some issues coming to light that will justify our position. We’ll see, soon enough.


    Get 20/20 to do a documentary of the Trusts that feed manipulative Dens of Thieves. Pew would be a good start. Huffington already did a story on the Walmart Waltons. These Trust give out Grants and Donations all the while growing through investment. The Funds have a certain life span with a specified payout. After the Trust goes through it’s motion all the while threaded through investments the Trust returns to the Family Tax free and generally of greater value. All the while sheltering the family from TAXES. I think that money could be better spent especially with the OUTSOURCING that killed our Economy.


    How can they see the Forest between their Knees engaged in Rectal Cranial Inversion?


    After writing about 20/20 I sent them an Email. Go through their ABC contact site. There’s a 500 character limit so hit your Key Points. Above remarks there are to arrowed spots make sure you enter 20/20 and Story submission. Fuck it give it a shot.

  6. - Moderator says:


    Subject: Story Ideas-ABCNews

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    Note: The Company’s long-established policy does not allow us to accept for
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