Is IG Zinser Being “Swift Boated”? Watchdog wins reprieve for Commerce Department agents under gag agreement

A board that conducts hearings over questionable personnel practices issued a stay order against the Commerce Department’s Office of the Inspector General Thursday, temporarily lifting gag agreements aimed at preventing four senior law enforcement officers from speaking out against the agency…… The inspector general’s office released a statement Friday saying three of the agents involved in the case signed their separation agreements with representation from attorney’s “considered among the best in federal labor law,” while the fourth had at least consulted a lawyer before signing the contract………“We strongly support employees’ rights to register complaints and have not interfered with those rights,” the inspector general’s office said in its statement. “As we all know, there are two sides to every story and hopefully at some point in this process we will have the opportunity to provide the facts for the public record.”…..Zinser said of the investigation: “It’s really a situation where we’re going to cooperate with OSC and be as transparent as we can about it.”

  • borehead

    When Zinser pledges transparency, I believe him. After all, look who he is investigating!

  • Dick Grachek

    Looks like the current investigation by the Inspector General regarding inappropriate NGO influence on fisheries rulemaking might be hitting a nerve.

  • scupguy

    A sad state of affairs. Countless business's and lives ruined by NOAA/NMFS. Then when the IG's office investigates the smear campaign begins.
    Who was it that said during the last campaign not to discuss the issues but to destroy the opponent through lies and inuendo?
    I see a patern developing here and the stench goes all the way to Chicago

    • It's the Alinsky way. Dear leader taught a course on Alinsky at U of Chicago. Just don't call them socialists LOL