St. Helena Island, SC – Area shrimpers upset about Oceana report – No, They’re Pissed off!

ST. HELENA ISLAND, SC (WTOC) – It’s been a tough couple of weeks for shrimpers in the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire. Quite a few of them are upset with a new report issued by Oceana, a nonprofit marine life advocacy group. The report claims commercial shrimpers are accidentally catching and killing tons of marine animals along with shrimp. Read more here  19:37

  • jj

    The never ending onslaught of the Big Green Money Machine and their bid to wipe US Coastal fishermen off of the chart, leaving complete control of massive amounts of Near Coastal Natural resources in the hands of the wealthy donors continues.
    Fishermen have about as much chance as the Ukraine does in holding off the forces massed against them. Ted Danson should go to work for Vladimir Putin when he is finished with the remnants of a once proud fishery nation.