Effects from BP spill linger

bird-oil-2That clamor is gone, but scientists continue to do research, and they say untold damage is still being wrought on Gulf of Mexico wildlife. This week, the National Wildlife Federation is releasing a report that updates how dolphins, sea turtles, bluefin tuna, pelicans and other marine life in the northern Gulf have fared in the past four years, and their prognosis is grim. Read more here 08:08

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    You would think PEW would be all over this. How about EDF they weren’t even FRACKING and METHANE kicked there ASS. The Walton’s, Packard’s, Moore’s, Buffet, Gates, ETC… are their Trusts only for intrusion not a true PLANET ALTERING EVENT??? BP just keep that Checkbook open in fact order MORE.

  2. Nils Stolpe says:

    C’mon, SBH… Pew and Oceana and their for hire playmates were roughing it down in the Gulf of Mexico trenches with everyone else from the very beginning (see http://www.savingseafood.org/opinion/the-oil-slick-oceana-scientists-roughing-it-in-the-gulf.html and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbOS6OkDtjc).

    And, while they were busy “roughing it” down there, they even noticed the seafloor devastation wrought by that destructive trawk gear (see the “Oil Slick” section of my FishNet piece “Summits, symptoms and what’s wrong at NOAA.” They and their people at NOAA did their job down there and now they’re off saving the world’s oceans from other commercial fishing threats.

  3. Chris Scola says:

    Its no surprise that none of the big engos are saying anything about this. We all know who pays their bills. Barry and Jihad Jane bear the responsibility for this. Their inaction and bumbling prolonged the situation and allowing the use of dispersants probably caused as much damage as the oil. But its ok, if turtles and whatnot continue dying the feds will just make up statistics to show that fishermen are responsible for the deaths.


    “COREXIT” ala Janie out of site out of MIND like the CRUDE.
    BP Big Promotion Tv blitz.
    This was a PLANET ALTERING EVENT and don’t worry the Government was there and they helped.
    It’s only just begun look at Valdez 1989,
    Oh NOAA’s on the move distancing itself from this. I’m sure Janie’s Bus Ticket to Oregon had some influence from BP and “COREXIT”. You would’ve thought Valdez in 1989 could’ve caused some pause.

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