Demand for fishery abuse report gains steam. Republican Paul Broun and Senator John Kerry lean harder on Commerce

The 66-case study, which reportedly runs more than 500 pages, with recommendations by the author — special judicial investigator Charles B. Swartwood III — was submitted in final form eight months ago.

  • borehead

    Scup, she fiddles to burn time, the most valuable commodity.

    The longer she plays, the more ocean destruction can occur.

    Offshore industrial destruction of fish habitat for energy.

    If the City of Gloucester has one on land, and they are peppered along the coastline, and they work, why destroy the ocean? They call it "Smart From The Start"!

    What a bunch of phony fools.

    The citizens that are watching this Swartwood fiasco want this report public IMMEDIATELY.

    They want it UNREDACTED.

    And They want Charley Grassley to do what he said should happen.

    We want headsto roll. Starting with administrator Lube Job Jane Lubchenco.