Coakley lawsuit vs. NOAA thrown out – Judge recounted NOAA’s slick Bigelow/ Albatross transition!

shameCoakley took aim at the scientific data used by NOAA fisheries to set the allocations, charging that NOAA rejected an industry offer to conduct surveys that might have been at odds with NOAA’s official findings. But the court held that NOAA is under no obligation to go beyond the best available evidence to the best possible evidence. Read more here 14:36


    NOAA Science is about as sound as Dr. Lubchenco decision to allow unlimited use of COREXIT in the Gulf of Mexico for BP. To think she had a true Model instead of an Algorithm to make a decision. Well at least “THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN ON THE PLANET” bounced out of D.C. into Oregon. Out of sight out of MIND.