Fisherynation Introduces – The “Gold Standard” in Monitoring System’s, The Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video

Enforcement Grade Fisherman Surveilance SystemHere at Nature’s Conservancy we are very excited about the Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video, the latest innovation in environmental defense and monitoring. Surveillance of environmentally dangerous activities like fishing, wood cutting, and cattle ranching occur in environmentally sensitive habitat areas every day. Many of the people involved in these activities are little better than common outlaws. We must have continuous monitoring of these individuals to bring the guilty to justice, and prevent criminal activity by creating an understanding  that no environmental crime will go unseen and unpunished. System Equipment here 17:42

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  1. Leo Lukin says:

    Fishing forestry and farming are the basic form that feeds and houses the human race since records have been kept long before green groups were saying this I do believe that we as a human race should should be aware but it gets out of hand by radicals who label fisherman farmers and forestry workers as the enemy of the environment. The truth is the trouble started with people who are geedy greed has no cocience and this is more evident in big companys this is where most the problems started
    Proffits are more important than people
    and the environment .This is more evident
    In corporate affairs than in the private sector. Its an easy task to eliminate the small family bussines but you try to do that to a big player you rarely will see them pay the price that the rest of the comunity does. So there needs to be acoutability for actions but not a witch hunt on the rest

  2. jj says:

    I hope everyone sees the picture hidden behind this article snippet. It is worth the wait time required for it to load.
    “Guilty until proven innocent,” has been a standard that the oil funded environmental organizations have been pushing on all who stand in their way. The fact that they donated so much money to Community Fishing Organizations to get them to call for these measures of surveillance and monitoring isn’t as well known.
    The New England fishing fleet has been decimated by the tactics of some very well funded organizations like the ones pushing for electronic monitoring. The monitors and regulators already outnumber the fishermen and still the expansion of the growing regulatory and monitoring industry continues. The economic model is already unsustainable as it stands and I fail to see how a bunch of high tech gadgetry made in China and financed with money borrowed from China will help us with the issue of a system of regulatory persecution that has rapidly become, “Too Big To Fail.”

    • Jim Kendall says:

      Well JJ, you are usually very good at seeing a bit deeper into the well than most, so I expect that you know full well that it is just a matter of peeling back the onion another layer or two to see where they are going with this.

      There’s money to be had here! If not for the actual environmental businesses & corporations themselves directly, then it will be with a few buffers established in-between to “protect the innocent” & obscure the true intent of these ever vigilant “watchdogs” all the while protecting the “ignorant masses” from themselves.

      I mean why should someone else other than themselves reap the benefits that can be taken from sweat & blood of the fishing, farming, lumber industries while providing those “ignorant masses” with the fertilizer of their bullshit to make their lies grow more fruitful. What’s the sense of them working so hard at it, if they can’t make a few bucks more while doing it?

      “No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.”
      ― John F. Kennedy

      Recently there has been an more directed & expansive effort on the part of more than one of these environmental/conservation corporations to try & provide smoke screen issues on many fishery matters that are unfolding.

      It seems to be in response to many of the facts that have come into the light of day, & has many beginning to question their real motivations. You gotta calm things down. You know; kinda like throwing “Core Exit” on oily waters.

      I believe that it is in part because of the concerted efforts of industry & many legislators to revisit the problems within Magnuson, & NOAA fishery science, that they will only begin to beat their drums harder, quicker, & louder!

      Jim Kendall

  3. Brian Loftes says:

    Our republic is gone now is the age of an Oliganchy were money and political influence is the only rule after this last outrageous verdict by a governmentail judge it should be clear that law and justice are gone the only rights you have are the ones your wiling to die for!

  4. Dandog says:

    Thanks be to god for the founding fathers and the second amendment,There is no justice in the courts,so it is up to fishermen to protect their rights on the water,this is sad but it is what it has come to.

  5. MIGHTYJ says:

    Hitler would have put these cameras on the Jews if he would have had the technology.

  6. Ec Newell Man says:

    It makes me wonder if anyone else is as offended as I am, not only with the ‘copy’ used, under the guise of surveillance, but as much the ‘green environmentally approved – six-pointed star’…

    Is this where our country…. our Republic is going, or have we have descended so far down in personal liberties and freedoms with President Zero and his minions believing they have to put American citizens under surveillance to be trusted…to be monitored…to be approved of?

    Worse, who the hell would even think of using that six pointed green star symbol? To wit: “Green Star and allowed to wear it on their person, vessel and it can be stamped on the labels of their product” or this gem, “consumers will be happy to know that all seafood carrying this prestigious label has come from fishing that has 100 percent surveillance at all times.”

    It makes you wonder if they ever learned anything of the historical significance in the 20th century of that symbol worn on a human beings outer garment. My goodness I just can’t get over thinking like this…. Lack of thinking in fact!

    “We must assume that any member of the guilty group is in fact guilty until their innocence has been proven.”

    This is an outrage. I hope this is made up…I really do. This give credence to the terms ‘eco and enviro-nazi.’

    Have we given up on “Due Process”….the Bill of Rights…the Constitution….what was written by those who fought for our country to protect our personal rights as Americans?

    This coming mid-term election “we the people” have to vote in people who believe in personal liberties….and just stop these mindless ENGOs who are taking the Orwellian surveillance state to a place we Americans have never experienced before.

    • MIGHTYJ says:

      This article illuminates the fact that fishermen in America are being persecuted out of existence. It does it in a satirical form but believe me the point is fact.
      Fishermen that comply with the ever changing rigorous standards of environmental groups are allowed to label themselves and their product environmentally friendly. Walmart was going to refuse to sell Alaska Salmon because it did not have the eco-label they require.
      Fishermen are guilty untill proven innocent. The environmental organizations cherry pick any and all data to use against US fishers and blame them for all depletion of ocean species whether it is true or not. The repeated calls by green groups for more surveillance to disprove the allegations that they have made themselves is strong evidence that their will never be any opportunity to prove one’s self innocent of the accusations.
      Mountains of observer data show fishermen doing a very good job of feeding the people with a fresh sustainable product while avoiding bycatch but it never gets any publicity or sees the light of day. When all science is funded by green energy advocates there is no result that does not support the agenda allowed.
      I find all of the above offensive in the extreme.
      When the industrialists have taken over the ocean and turned it into an industrial park history will show that their green shirts did a terrible injustice to fishermen. Unfortunately there will probably be none left to accept an apology.

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