Former NOAA Director Back at Oregon State University

10172769-large“I’m immensely proud of what we were able to accomplish during the four years I was at NOAA. I return to OSU with new insights, contacts and energy to help strengthen our ability to be positioned for the challenges that lie ahead.” Read more here  10:39

3 Responses to Former NOAA Director Back at Oregon State University

  1. jj says:

    She is proud of her accomplishments?

    Her handling of the BP oil spill?
    The destruction of jobs related to fishing due to the catch share schemes she pushed?
    Did her masters at the PEW charitable trusts offer her the George W. Bush package of revisionist historians, and media image specialists to fix the truth with a ton of bs?

    Leaders have been be-headed for less failure than her administration is guilty of.
    If she were Samurai she would have been offered a sword rather than have to live with her shame.

    She let the American people down in a major way and for that I say good riddance.


    Rewarding ignorance, She goes from destroying the Traditional Fisheries and POISONING the Gulf with BP to poisoning MINDS in Oregon.
    I wonder if she friended Dale Jones on Facebook.

  3. philips66 says:

    The damage this jellyfish did to fishermen is being repeated across all of the alphabet soup federal agencies, against small business from coast to coast. Heck of a job, low info voters!

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