Like Enron, But With Fish – The Supreme Court Appeal of Fisherman John L. Yates

court-yates-09-07-lnConsider this one of the fishiest Sarbanes-Oxley suits in the history of the law: an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is urging the justices to weigh in on whether shredding fish is comparable to shredding documents, as both were used to hide violations of federal law, according to Forbes. Read more here  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish — Equals A Sarbox Felony?  Read the Forbes article here  08:29


    Did they bring in Dale Jones as an expert witness? Well actually he’d have to take the Fifth. As far as his shredding went with Paper fine. Yet this is the Internet Era and his shredding was an act of futility as Servers do not Shred be it through a Hard-Drive or Network Server. The same would apply to any Hard-Drive that received the information. Replaced P.Cs or Servers replaced during this Period could reveal a conspiracy. More than likely there’s a Trail out there still.