‘We feel like we have a voice’: Maine Lobstermen Union recognized

BDNLEWISTON, Maine — At the start of 2013, a group of lobstermen from up and down the coast got together and something that surprised many: They formed a union. Read more here  09:04

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  1. As much as I do not care for what much of organized labor has done to America, one has to admit, this is one instance where it could have a positive effect. (Commercial fishing). Much of the court system is corrupt. Many if not most of the politicians are also.
    I have often wondered what the fishing industry would look like today under the umbrella of organized labor. Though I’m sure it would be a very tangled web of politics and the usual games that go along with it. It’s sad it has come to this. The average small business owner, the back bone of this nation is being destroyed, little by little. Just like our civil rights that are supposed to be guaranteed by the constitution. But sadly it seems as if that is becoming less relevant daily. God help us.

  2. Ed Everich says:

    I think one thing that might provide a more positive spin to this union situation would be simply to refer to the group as a “fisherman’s association” v/s union.
    It is just a name change but sometimes it can make the difference if nothing more than perception.
    Some people that would be turned off by “union” might be more receptive to this idea.
    Just a thought to consider.

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