The Ted Stevens Memorial

ted stevens fan clubWith the crab quotas that Ted Stevens pushed through congress leasing to fishing vessels at 80 percent of the value of the catch and the crews of those vessels being paid a sharecropper’s wage without any of the, “Safety,” that was a stated premise of the plan. It is a good moment to look back and remember the people responsible for this travesty and the greed and douchebaggery that they represent. Read more here  12:19

You know, like Nature Conservancy and the JP Morgan marriage! Here

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  1. Dandog says:

    They should just rename the NEFMC the Ted Stevens fan club,same modus operandi!

  2. join americans for equal access today,look us up on face book


    There’s a Ted Stevens Memorial in every House throughout the Nation and abroad. You can stand or sit to worship Him. Don’t forget the complimentary Shit Tickets. All hail the Thief

  4. The Ted Stevens that went to congress and proposed well intentioned legislation during those earlier years when he was in DC, morphed into a self-serving and later felt by some as a left leaning politician (no not the senior senator from Arizona who should just hang it up), who rightly earned the notorious label “The Prince of Pork” in the later years of his senatorial career….and that along with a under handed conviction that was later reversed, sadly is a black mark on the life of a man who honorably served as part of the ‘Greatest Generation’ earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was an well respected attorney and later extremely effective political operator, along with being noted for being one of the sharpest politicians in the Senate. I can understand many conservatives being disappointed as I was as his positions shifted, or what is now the new buzz-word in the beltway, ‘evolved’, but there is no doubt that he was one of the most effective Republican Party politicians during the 20th century.


      His Son would be honored to read this if he wasn’t to busy counting his Money thanks to MSA.

  5. Well Stripedbasshole, we both know that there was a good deal of insider “pay for play” going on with not only the reauthorized MSA along with legislation that favored corporate interests in Alaska. Many would call it ‘crony capitalism’….just more of those in power and those who have the financial resources, tailoring legislation that benefit them at the expense of others. In fact, lets get back to the slime-bag Harry Reid:

    This is the financial game being played by those in power in DC, even with the ‘Stock Act’ being signed last year.

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