Federal plan for ‘geoduck’ fishing pushes First Nation to threaten blockade

A First Nation threatening to block all fisheries in a large portion of the Strait of Georgia said it’s only doing so as a last resort to fight back against the federal government’s monopoly on resource management in the nation’s traditional waters. Stz’uminus chief John Elliott said the threat was the culmination of decades of frustrations with what he sees as unsustainable resource management by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), which he added favours commercial fishermen over First Nations. Elliott stresses that the nation’s quarrel is with DFO alone, not commercial and sports fishermen. “They’re just caught in the middle of all this,” he said.  Read more here  22:26


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    • borehead

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    If they tried to block me from fishing they would have trouble that goes way beyond what the DFO is capable of.