A Rising Tide of Noise Is Now Easy to See – new york times

“What quiet, what silence, what peace!” Captain Nemo  That was 1870. Today — to the dismay of whale lovers and friends of marine mammals, if not divers and submarine captains — the ocean depths have become a noisy place. The causes are human: the sonar blasts of military exercises, the booms from air guns used in oil and gas exploration, and the whine from fleets of commercial ships that relentlessly crisscross the global seas. Nature has its own undersea noises. But the new ones are loud and ubiquitous. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/11/science/project-seeks-to-map-and-reduce-ocean-noise-pollution.html?ref=science

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  1. borehead - Moderator says:

    How can Jane Lubchenco take herself seriously about any ocean protection issue when this administration drives to industrialize it?

    Someone tell me how lining the east coast with power grid feeding machinery (junk) will help anyone but the “Green Mafia”.

    NRDC is right in there. Another destructive Green Capo.

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