Jersey Shore fishing: Seismic blasting to begin June 3 unless opposition prevails

baby fishermanJust what effect seismic testing will have along the Jersey Shore is in question, but it seems that almost everyone except the Obama Administration  is opposed to taking a chance on any negative consequences resulting from it during a study that hardly appears to be of high priority. Read more here  21:45

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    An Executive decision “The Obama Ocean Policy” one Man’s decision has put us in this position. All Congressmen should’ve addressed this long ago. As the plot has begun to unfold Congress should be working to dismantle this Policy that stole this Common Property from all Americans.
    This is only the beginning “NepDome” has arrived.
    America is not run by a Dictatorship, if it is it is time to take it back.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Striped Bass Hole….how many times over the past few years have we heard the expression, “elections have consequences?”

    Here we have those living in the Garden State, one that has supported Bathhouse Barry and his extremely progressive agenda, now playing the crying game about stopping Seismic blasting. It begs the question….”what did the people in that state expect from an administration that has more in common with the corrupto-crats at the United Nations then in respecting and protecting the sovereignty of our country?”

    Clearly from the NJ.COM, it is apparent that this administration is going “Titanic speed ahead” with the climate change folly”,

    “Rutgers University project approved by the Obama Administration as a climate change study designed to access deep sea sediments.”

    Climate change?

    From a piece in IJR which connects the dots for those who cannot see the connection between President Zero’s administration and the United Nations:

    “Christiana Figueres, who leads the United Nations negotiations to cut greenhouse gas emissions, described the climate change she seeks as a world-encompassing “revolution” engineered by “centralized” governments.”

    Essentially it comes down to the US dragging their feet on the climate change shakedown:

    “Figueres, who has been dissatisfied with the pace the United States’ federal government is yielding to the global environmentalist movement, also called Hurricane Sandy a ‘wake up’ call for America.” From: UN Climate Boss: We Need Global “Revolution” Led by Central Governments:

    This brings us to this news story where commercial and recreational groups joining up with environmental groups to postpone Seismic blasting…. or that the Guv-nor Crispy Creme would throw his “weight around”, pun intended, after a number of years supporting climate change initiatives?

    To wit:

    “The future for New Jersey is in green energy Gov. Christie said in May: “The future for New Jersey is in green energy and already we’ve put in place policies to broaden our access to renewable sources of energy, cleaner natural gas generation and ending our reliance on coal generation.”

    The Christie Administration has a proven record of commitment to secure the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy in our state. The wind power movement is providing New Jersey with a unique opportunity to advance green energy as industry.” From:

    Old news story from when he campaigned for a second term as the governor of the Garden State?

    Do you think the head strong governor of NJ, is “evolving” on green energy projects especially with possibly tossing his hat into the republican presidential primary in the coming year…….full well knowing that he is dragging around a pretty big anchor around his large neck over “Bridgegate?”

    People in this country have to come to grips that we are in a post constitutional period under President Zero. All the screaming and yelling, along with the press ops such as this, will do nothing…

    The Green Energy fraud is so much bigger….investments of hundreds of millions to make multi-billions, along with the threat of carbon taxes possibly being levied and energy prices sky rocketing over the next few years.

    Think about that, and remember those of you who voted for President Zero and those other politicians who support climate change.

    This is the change and transformation that you voted back in!

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