Family of fisherman killed in dock fall gets $900,000 settlement

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — Eastern Fisheries, Inc. has settled a lawsuit brought by the family of a fisherman who died in a January 2011 fall from a Hassey Street dock that was slippery with snow and ice. Read more here 06:21

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  1. fish4ever says:

    Start the discussion!
    For decades fish houses in NB and all over New England are a sad joke in terms of minimum safety for unloading vessels. It’s really like they don’t want you to come to the dock, All they want is YOUR fish.
    I, simple me, would expect a fish exchange to be a little mote safety oriented but nooo. Safety costs money.To access the dock on a Fish Auction I once had to torch cut a 4″ square pipe. the OSHAs of the world would have a field day if they only had the balls to go out and inspect access to the fish unloading docks of the first nation of the world! (loud laughter)
    Then comes a first class drunkard (1) that comes back to the boat alone by himdrunkself (2) and falls in the frigid waters and perishes.
    Does 1.5 million give or take solve the situation?
    Cut my prices, take me to court :)))))))
    Wine for my true friends.

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