BREAKING NEWS Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank To Release Swartwood II Today Updates as they arrive.

Senator John Kerry stated “The release of this second report is an important step. I’d heard so many horror stories from our fishermen which is why I requested this investigation three years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an investigatory process like this go back eighteen years to right wrongs and dig into the history of multiple Administrations. Obviously it’s again confirmed and exposed the stories so many fishermen brought to me in the first place, and while it can’t undo the damage that was done to peoples’ livelihoods, I still believe that getting the truth out and providing economic relief and reparations is key to repairing the  damage in the relationship between our fishermen and enforcement authorities.

“Special Master Swartwood has done a great service by shedding light on what happened in a very dark chapter in New England. It would’ve been inexcusable to just sweep it under the carpet. Secretary Blank’s ongoing efforts to provide reparations to fishermen who were abused is very important, as is her determination to make sure that the culture at NOAA has changed and never, ever reverts back to the ugliness of this period.”

The following was released by the Department of Commerce

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