NFI to Obama: We insist on having a seat at the table on new task force, marine sanctuary

fisherman-obamaThe National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is demanding a seat at the table with Obama administration agencies to discuss the implications — and implementation — of two new policies that swirled into view in rapid succession during the State Department’s international oceans summit on Tuesday. Read more here 16:10

3 Responses to NFI to Obama: We insist on having a seat at the table on new task force, marine sanctuary

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Seat at the table? Hah. Unless you’re aligned with the green mafia or a self serving catch share prostitute your chances of getting a seat at the table will be slim to none in my opinion.
    I understand the greed and self serving interest behind those who align themselves with the likes of these green foundations. This is a sad part of human nature, hooray for me and screw everybody else.
    However what I can’t understand is how their greed has blinded them to the fact that these groups are out to destroy them too. Look at the funding of these so called environmentalist groups. At the core of it you will find big oil and others who’s only agenda is to rid the oceans of those pesky fishermen to further their goals of ocean industrialization, you know, wind mills, oil rigs, and mineral mining. In the end their greed will also be their undoing.
    I spoke to a fisherman the other day about how there seems to be a willingness these days by some to seek partnerships with these groups. Again by those who would throw their fellow fishermen under the bus at a moments notice. He said it was a shame because it seemed for a short period of time, ALL people were coming to the realization that these groups and foundations were our real enemy. They have become one and the same as the government. Their people now serve as upper management within the rogue agencies of our government who have been running roughshod over the working class people of our industry.
    Oh when will they ever learn. O when will they…….EVER LEARN!

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    The Ivy League has taken on the Playground Mentality and brought the Followers with them. We all have seen it or experienced it in our youth when we didn’t know better. That is to pick on the weak or the new Kid in School. In the Nations Eyes the Fisheries is a small group with little or no Backing an easy Target. One on one the Green would get creamed strong Men and Women working the Seas using the first natural Tools Arms, Legs, and Bodies. Not to mention their Brains to find the Fish and create different Fisheries. Put a Key Pad pusher with a Sheep Skin on the Wall against that. Apparently we all haven’t grown up or bare resentment from our Youth.
    The real kicker here is that we are in this position because of one Persons decision through a Presidential Executive Order “The Obama Ocean Policy”. We really don’t know much about him since he had all his Records sealed. Gee Barry don’t you think it’s time to GROW UP. How did you get up on that HIGH HORSE? From what I can see a Green Wave floated you there.

  3. MIGHTYJ says:

    The wolf pack mentality of the ENGO’s speaks to a lack of campaign issues sanctioned by Wall Street and corporate interests. The Obama administration loves fences that put Americans out of work while shunning any fence that keeps out foreigners looking for work.
    Perhaps the creation of more voters that support Democrats by putting as many citizens on welfare as possible is the hope of America’s self proclaimed “Green,” party.

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