Nils Stolpe: Atlantic herring – lots of smoke but where’s the fire? – Click Here

Peter Shelley is a lawyer who works for the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF). Apparently among his duties is providing entries to the CLF website “Talking Fish.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the groundfish debacle in New England, Mr. Shelley and the CLF, utilizing the court system and a whole bunch of money (according to their IRS Form 990 filed in 2011- the last year available on the Guidestar website – total CLF revenue was $5,800,000, up $1,250,000 from the year before), have been playing a pivotal role in the groundfish fishery management program via the management process and the courts since before it was a debacle. Evidently the groundfish fishery wasn’t enough to fill Mr. Shelley’s plate so he has been involved in Atlantic (sea) herring management as well. Read more here 14:34

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  1. MIGHTYJ says:

    Allow me to sum up…
    Peter Shelley is a complete douche whose paycheck depends upon him losing sight of the truth while sacrificing any possible credibility that has been purchased for him by the Pew Charitable trusts by spouting lies and false accusations to bash and pillory anyone attempting to make an honest living as a fisherman that isn’t associated with his, “Donors.”
    That said…
    I wonder if he would give the vessels I work with any credit at all for having been tied up when this management sanctioned overage took place….
    Of course the answer is always no. The liars and lawyers of the herring campaign never take into account the irrefutable vessel tracking information and the facts in the pursuit of their sad, destructive agenda.

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