The Morons at NMFS, US Fish and Wildlife, Rubber Stamp Cape Wind

A day after the U.S. Department of Energy conditionally approved a $150 million loan for Cape Wind, two other federal agencies on Wednesday filed required paperwork that seemingly gives the project’s developer another in a string of legal victories. Read more here 06:20

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    No matter what the cost to the taxpayer, and how uneconomical and unfeasible for green energy to be cheap energy, with the rogue O’Bummer Administration its “all systems go” once again…Crony Capitalism at it’s worst!

    The engo’s along with left wing politicians scream and yell about the environment… heavens forbid we build Keystone XL or have coal energy plants stay in existence around this country, but here we have special permits being issued because as pointed out in the story:

    1- Judge Reggie Walton threw out most of the challenges but ordered that the fisheries service issue a take permit for right whales.

    2- Walton also called on the Fish and Wildlife Service to say whether it had determined on its own that it would be unreasonable and imprudent to shut down the turbines at certain times of the year to protect migratory birds.

    Seems out west The Shiloh IV Wind Project LLC was recently given a special permit allowing the accidental killing of 5 golden eagles over five years.

    “We can make exceptions”….

    It’s the big picture here folks. Heavens forbid a fishermen or a lobsterman entangles or strikes while moving along, a whale or other mammal…oh boy!

    No stopping this fraud, and here on Independence Day we again see how our government is taking care of those big money democrat bundlers with the Green Energy Fraud.

    When you see any politician from DC this summer, ask them….ask them how cheap is renewable energy to me. Yes, think about yourself and your family because you will be the one paying at the pump and on your electrical bill.

    Renewable energy is neither cheap nor is it environmental friendly. Here is a story from a few months ago…the devil continues to do his dirty work:

    “Nor do RPSs (“renewable portfolio standards”) allow for natural gas. There are massive quantities in shale formations around the country, and new horizontal drilling techniques are releasing so much of it that it is now the cheapest source of electrical power. If our environmentalist friends were at all serious about climate change, they would enthuse over it because it produces significantly less carbon dioxide than an equivalent quantity of coal when used for power generation. Instead, they are horrified that cheap gas will destroy solar and wind.” –

    By the way, President O’Bummer, on this Independence Day bring home our US Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexico.

    God Bless America.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    It’s July 4th but reading this it feels like April 1st. what a JOKE. These people have to live in Trees. Offshore Wind farms are far more expensive then Land based that are serviceable year round unlike their Offshore systems. Servicing an Offshore rig will also be far more expensive and will be the DOWNFALL of this Program. This form of Power is as reliable as the Weather. If you think tying them into the Grid is a good idea you’d be better off resurrecting ENRON. When they don’t produce the Grid has to buy Power elsewhere at Prime Rates. Brownouts and Blackouts sounds like an Enron ploy.
    What about stray Electricity? How will it effect the Environment?
    Bill Murray had Groundhog Day. Obama’s April Fools Day. Was he born in April or was that sealed too?

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