Poor Joe. Bought Poached Oyster from a thief, now the fallen fishmonger fights to keep license

Joseph Murray says his friend made a terrible mistake,,,Joseph Vaudo, owner of Joe’s Lobster Mart in Sandwich. Vaudo, 63, pleaded guilty in March to receiving stolen oysters in the market located next to the Cape Cod Canal, willfully misleading police during an investigation and failure or refusal to file required statistical reports of wholesale and retail dealers. jeeez. Poor Joe. Read more here  Two from The Real Cape. One headline says it all! Oyster Thief Indicted – Still Not The Biggest Douche In This Story The natives have spoken.  07:00


    Prior convictions include a 3 month sentence for tax evasion 30 years ago…
    This establishes a pattern of misbehavior that forewarns officers of state a d local law enforcement to watch this man closely in 2044.

  • StripedBassHole

    To take such a high risk we must be talking about a major addiction. Think about an unlimited amount of God’s Viagra and a Libido out of control. He must have many ex-wives and countless Children.
    Has Law Enforcement scratched the surface of a major Syndicate?