Whitfield Responds to Obama’s Latest “Green Energy” Gamble

“We’ve seen time and time again this administration provide billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for green energy projects that have failed, leaving taxpayers on the hook.  I have a number of concerns with this administration’s reckless decision to back Cape Wind,” Read more here 18:36

One Response to Whitfield Responds to Obama’s Latest “Green Energy” Gamble

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Why just pick at the Crumbs? Go after the whole Loaf “The Obama Ocean Policy” the Executive Order that took over when H.R. 3534 “The Clear Act” failed in Congress. This Executive Order one Man’s decision is what is clearing the way for ill planned expensive Experiments that have cost us Billions of Dollars and cost hard working Americans their Jobs.
    The Executive Order also stole a large portion of all Americans Common Property. Large Tracks of open Ocean for Lease, Oil, Gas, and Mineral Rights. Then the biggest most important substance “WATER” this Policy covers more then just the Ocean, it includes Our Lakes and Rivers inland not to mention Water Shed.
    It’s time to for Congress to wake up and take the Teeth out of this Monster Policy and crush it. Can we Farm or Ranch without Water? Can you survive without Water. Have a big Glass and get on the Phone.

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