GDT Letter: Driving out fishermen is NOAA’s only answer Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester.

NOAA destroying fishermenRegarding the threats of even tighter limits on the shrimp season — when it ever reopens (the Times, Tuesday, July 8) — I’m certain that once again, our Canadian “cousins” will reap the harvest of the seeds of “conservation” which we have so blindly sown into a gale of wind. We have similarly handed our northern counterparts bumper crops numerous times in the past due to Eco-driven, over zealous “management” policies. Read more here 07:31

3 Responses to GDT Letter: Driving out fishermen is NOAA’s only answer Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester.

  1. borehead says:

    Yellowtails, cod, haddock, herring, and redfish, all of which are trans boundry stocks, have been mindlessly ceded to Maritime fishermen only to have them caught, processed and repatriated, this time by land, in order to fill the void in the marketplace created by our own misguided, counterproductive regulations. That only adds further injury to insult, (or is that the other way around?) by lowering the market value of our own paltry domestic landings.

    These species are all migratory creatures of comfort. Similar to us, they seek climate, sustenance, and sex. They aren’t particular about which side of some arbitrary line on a chart they end up on as long as their life requirements are met.

    Then there’s the international waters, the veritable “Wild West” of fisheries, where lawlessness is the law of the sea.

    While we sit tied to the wharf, the interest on our investment in conservation is being swindled faster than it can accrue, along with the principle! Yet NOAA adamantly refuses to even recognize this reality, let alone address it.

    Just knock off a few more U.S. fishermen, that’s the answer. It’s bound to work one of these times.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    NOAA/NMFS defying COMMON SENSE for over 4 Decades.
    Academic is as Academic does=Stupid is as Stupid does
    You don’t need to be Forrest Gump to understand that.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      On the contrary, I think you would have to be Forrest Gump to understand the reasoning from these corrupt sob’s.
      Their reasoning on most things defy all logic.

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