How Destroying Fish Is Not Like Destroying Financial Records – Click Here

Overcriminalization is a significant problem in the United States, particularly federal overcriminalization. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one is that federal prosecutors consistently stretch laws to encompass conduct that the law was never meant to cover. Normal people who committed minor infractions will often find themselves facing long prison sentences that are entirely disproportionate to the wrongness of the act. Such is the case in an upcoming Supreme Court case, Yates v. United States.   While commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, John Yates Read more here  20:25

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    The friggin world is upside down. Jail time for a few dead fish. Today you’d be looked upon more favorably by the authorities in charge if you were a drug dealer or some other low life dreg of society.
    When did this honorable profession become so F’d up in the eyes of the law? Its a sad commentary when the people in charge commit more crimes that affect people across the nation yet are accountable to no one, because they work for the government.
    IRS, Fast and furious, Benghazi, NOAA OLE. Where’s the justice for these bastards?

    • Ec Newell Man says:

      Where can we start Joel and every other law abiding American citizen here on what is going on in our beloved country…. I ask you, where?

      Years back, one man wrote on a little local website about the criminal behavior being conducted within a federal government agency by those not only at the highest levels at NOAA, but by a law enforcement individual within the OLE who carried out what one would think is pretty outrageous and eventually given the infamous/notorious nickname “Shredder Jones”….

      How bad could it be where within a agency whose mission statement is to promote job growth in the US, the Commerce Department had within an agency that not only planned, but conducted fishermen-cleansing policies and tactics, with the use of outrageous fines, hammering of fishermen for BS rulebook enforcement, closing of fishing seasons and areas of the ocean to fishing, the pitiful amount of fish we are allowed to legally land, what our government did during the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and as much, officially admitting to creating a fishery disaster in New England.

      Yes in just too many cases to list, along the coast NOAA law enforcement became what was termed a “rogue” agency……essentially a criminal enterprise whose primary goal was to permanently put American fishermen out of business.

      I have stated over the years, what was happening within NOAA and the NMFS was no different from what was going on and within many of our other large government agencies, with taxpayer dollars funding the destruction of the liberties we once had here in the America we live, with the NSA, EPA, IRS the Veterans Administration and for heavens sake, almost every other federal government bureaucracy not working with a primary goal to improve the lives of all American citizens in this country….in fact bending us over and doing things to us where so many now wonder “is this the America I once knew?”

      Just the VA Hospital scandal alone should raise the hairs on the back of
      your neck with the way they have treated our US servicemen, and then giving out performance bonuses…. for what, causing pain, suffering, and death to those who honorably served the country?

      The federal government under the current occupier in the White House is in the process of transforming this country, and is now running the biggest company in the world, the United States as a top down, democratic-socialist nation instead of what we used to be, a republic. We have not only lost the rule of law, but sadly our borders.

      We are in a post constitutional period where there where have someone who is supposedly is a constitutional lawyer who acts as an imperial monarch using his phone and pen who neither respects to faithful follow in the carrying out on what is within our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or legal precedent and statutory law.

      We have those in the US Congress, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate who continuously work in their own best interest instead of the best interest of the people who elected them. The ultra progressive left symbolized by double-talk Harry Reid and wacky San Fran Nancy, have effected most of congress and the lame stream media that most everything wrong in this country is cased by those Republicans in the House or “Tea-baggers”, the Koch Brothers, or “five white men” on the Supreme Court.

      It goes beyond what is being called here “over criminalization”…it is about too many people in government lacking a moral compass to do the right thing within their job title…to treat others like they would want to be treated…to uphold the rule of law and not illegally target and try to destroy Americans in this country who are trying to make a honest living so they can feed themselves and their families.

      You ask “where is the justice for these bastards?”

      It is not going to happen just yet as we have so many out there within federal government and within government agencies who make you wonder if they understand what it means to be an American…to do the right thing…to improve and protect our communities…to make sure our children grow up to be happy and productive people in this country.

      We will only see change when we Americans send a message to those people
      in congress that they will be out of a job once they come up for
      election. We will not see much of a change on till we get those SOB’s in congress, voted out of congress.

      As I previously said, what is happening within and wrong in the fishing industry is just one small piece in the big picture about the current state of our dysfunctional government in Washington.

      Try to keep the faith, hold on and to support a new breed of Americans being voted into congress come this November.

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        I totally agree with what you say Ec. I anxiously await the outcome of the lawsuit against the IRS from True the vote.

        If those folks have some success fighting this corrupt machine I will have a little bit of faith restored that there could be a chance to right this sinking ship known as America. That being said I expect there to be an all out blitz by the administration to quell this group.

        If by some miracle True the vote prevails perhaps the time has come for industry people to seek similar justice in the courts. It would take years and millions of dollars but there has to be a way.

        I always thought the industry should tax itself on a national basis with a small percentage of our gross stock. These funds would go to a defense account to fund lawyers and lobbyists to fight the multitude of ENGO’s and foundations who have decided there needs to be a jihad against the fishing community. Sadly it all comes down to the dollars in our new nation, not what’s right or wrong.

        • Ec Newell Man says:

          Oh so true Joel… True the Vote, Landmark Legal Foundation and Judicial Watch have done incredible work in trying to preserve this nation since President Zero came into office.

          This whole administration has sunk into pure lawlessness starting with AG Holder…and from what has been said, the top level of the Justice Department will continue to do President Zero’s bidding on till the next presidential election espeically when it comes to enforcing the laws on illegal immigration.

          Elections are the way to change the mindset within government and that goes for both parties, and hopefully ‘Mississippi Thad’ will be outed for the election fraud that was pulled and at a minimum another primary runoff without registered democrats being allowed to vote.

          Here again illustrates the insider congressional players club, and that is where we both agree that electing new people who believe in limited government and obeying the rule of law is the goal for Americans in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

          Sadly as you stated, “it comes down to pay for play” in DC. If our Founding Fathers had only put in term limits for those in congress.

          “The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 21

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