MSA Reauthorization: Partisan bickering sinking fishing bill

Senate Obama no fishingTo catch a fish or save a fish: That is the question being debated in Washington.(its not that simple) It summarizes a heated argument going on in Congress, mostly pitting Republicans against Democrats, as both sides try to reauthorize the nation’s primary fisheries law.,,The Democrat-controlled Senate is working on a draft bill, but what has been leaked out has been opposed by fishing groups. Read more here 13:50

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  1. borehead says:

    “The Hastings bill was marked up by the House Natural Resources Committee on May 29 in a 24-17 vote with all the Republicans voting for it but only one Democrat crossing the aisle. Magnuson reauthorizations used to be a bipartisan effort.”
    The Senate side and House Democrats are in the tank for the PEW EDF Oceanas, support destruction of habitat through Ocean Zoning and industrial sprawl over conserving fishing grounds.
    They call themselves “conservationists”?
    Hastings bill call for BETTER science. Not the shit science that is NON INCLUSIVE of Predator/Prey, and of all things these hypocrites should want, Climate change!

    As far as fishing groups go, the fledgling EDF Catch Share Club called the Seafood Harvesters of America, they are strictly in favor of the Senate bill!

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      And they are in bed with the enviro shills who continue this jihad against fishermen and their communities.
      How is it hey can’t see what the end game is. Catch shares? Oh yeah that’s a big success. Just go to New Bedford or Gloucester and see the devastation catch shares has wrought upon these towns and their fishermen.
      And the end game is total control of the ocean and its resources to make way for ocean industrialization. Wind mills and oil rigs, not food harvesters.
      A word to these fools who get in bed with the enviromaniacs….You are going to go down in the end just like everybody else. Your greed will be your downfall.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    The 1976 Magnuson Fisheries Act was brought up. What was left out was the Commerce Department overcapitalizing the Northeast Fleet with no concern of Conservation. They thought the Seas were limitless. The Foreign Fleets had already done their DAMAGE. Then Commerce treated the Seas as bountiful and provided low interest Loans to anyone who could carry a Loan. There were a lot of Shore Captains Doctors, Lawyers, and anyone with Deep Pockets. They should’ve let Nature take it’s course and the Fleet would’ve grew with the Resource. By the time the Buy-backs came we were in worse shape. Then forced into Decades of sacrifice only to have the Boats capsized by Janie’s Sector and Catch Share EDF CON.
    The big picture here is “The Obama Ocean Policy” euthanizing the Fleet and MUTING the VOICES. Face it we never had a fair shake in the MEDIA except for Richard Gaines in the GDT. God Bless his Soul.

  3. jmknbsc . says:

    Does anyone know who the lone Democrat was, who crossed over to the winning side? I believe that we have 2 Democrats from Massachusetts on that committee. Thanks.
    Jim Kendall-nbsc

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