GDT Letter: Fishing disaster: Where are the ‘responders?’

gdt iconThere is a letter about the NE fishing disaster a GDT that I can’t access, but post the notice for those that can access the site. The perversion of Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. free article venue that allows five page views, while they now require up to four or five page views per article, removes non subscribers from these important to the fishing industry issues. Here is the link to the GDT. 07:16

  • Ec Newell Man

    Good morning Bore Head…

    Just ignore them, If they do not realize how important this issue is…now we show them how we feel about them, NO CLICKS on that site…..the best thing is not even to mention them.

    Rightly so to turn their logo upside down, because it’s another progressive rag that will eventually become “irrelevant.”

    • borehead

      For years, we’ve known it as the place that made a difference, and a place that forged some solid allies. It has been virtually shutdown, and locked down, by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. Who but us, that counted on GDT for the ammunition to inform the people of the disgusting regulatory regime, and the corrupt OLE, Jane Lubchenco’s green destruction by the Pew rogue ecologist unleashed by this administration?
      So much for supporting the cause.
      I hope they show some respect and put a black cover over the Award they received in New Bedford. At one time it meant something.

  • StripedBassHole

    Are they still worthy of the Papers Icon? Who does that Statue represent? Turncoats???