These Politicians that tell you they are they are concerned about the Groundfishery are on a different page!

Greed Energy – The Massachusetts Green Energy community (and the Mass fishing industry) has been duped and they still don’t get it. When the general population of Massachusetts figures out what happened in the last eight years how can they justify any state renewable energy policies in the future. Read more here 13:48

  • Joel Hovanesian

    And guess who’s son is advocating and advising for the wind farms? How about the regional administrators. That’s right. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me JB!

  • StripedBassHole

    Local, State, or Federal Government Officials what are they Best at? Law and Politics I would say. Where do they get there info to make informed decisions? Advisers research but it doesn’t make them experts and then we have Lobbyist. Now Advisers can be led down a Path. While Lobbyist are paid to pay the official to get what they want. I forgot Political Party influence like Obama and his Basketball buddy Deval. Our closest Border is Canada separated by N.H. and Maine. Yet we’ve been drawn into the illegal Alien mess from way down south. I apologize for my digression but I felt an example was in order.
    Back to the Wind the Power from them will be far more expensive then a Natural Gas Power Plant. Then the reliability, breakdowns, and Life of a Wind Mill are all questionable in a volatile Marine Environment. Has there been a study on Stray Electricity?
    Look how Deval handled Evergreen Solar the Chinese walked away with all the Proprietary Information. They didn’t need the Facility or Workers, well played. Like I said Government they know Law and Politics. God help us ALL. Take back the U.S.A.