Fish panel holds off on limit cuts – “I say if you’re going to take 1 damn percent (more), shut the whole God damn thing down!”

manatthewheelNew England fishing regulators Thursday delayed voting on a series of significant cuts to fishermen’s 2013 allowable catch in groundfishing stocks after repeated and emotional warnings that the reductions would finish off an industry already grappling with a federally recognized economic “disaster.” The New England Fishery Management Council voted 15-2 to put off deciding on new catch limits for various bottom-dwelling groundfish species until their next meeting, scheduled for the end of January. Read More

  • Any cut will wipe out the remaining little guys. Since this was Jellyfish Janes’ plan all along, I expect big cuts to be announced at the next meeting.

    • borehead – Moderator

      I was listening yesterday via the webinar.

      It’s about time someone brought some passion to the morgue like council meetings.

      The constant parade of bureucratic parasites, ENGO and government,with their monotonic report presentations, fancy charts, all making good livings while fishermen, the whole reason for their parasitic existence, are being choked to death, had better take a hard look at themselves, because many of us see them for what they are.

      We are not blind, and we will no longer be tolerant.

      Bill Karp appologized for the treatment of renowned scientist Doug Butterworth, yesterday, promising to look into the issue.

      Read this to understand the issue.