Lunacy on sea: Is this your vision for your coastline?

coastal destructionLunacy on sea: As Ministers agree to the world’s biggest wind farm off Brighton, has Britain ever succumbed to a more catastrophic folly?  Read more here  08:52

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    In the U.K. reality sucks. In the U.S.A. common sense doesn’t exist and Politicians haven’t a Clue about Engineering and Technology.
    “The Obama Ocean Policy” is a larcenous move against all Americans. Congress wake up and spill your Coffee. Then take this Executive Order apart.

    • Ec Newell Man says:

      Long gone are the days of the Iron Lady leading a nation, one whose ancestors came here a few hundred years ago to forge our nation, the United States.

      England a once great super power whose reach extended to almost all the continents on the globe. Always at battle or at the ready to protect itself and its interests from threats both external and internal.

      Then the full implementation of the social welfare state post WInston Churchill, which brought about high taxes, a lousy health care system, continual high unemployment, a diminished military presence, and what may be the greatest threat, no not the complete ripoff of green energy projects like this against the people, but the quickening population growth, influence within and outside their communities and radicalization of Muslims who are trying to change the culture of the once United Kingdom.

      So when I see something about the lunacy of anything political or economic from the UK, I am not surprised since Great Britain has become the model for the FAILED LIBERAL STATE and continues down a path that even when all the bean counters in their government come up with a scheme for totally subsidizing so-called renewable energy, there are few rising up and saying “stop this madness, since we are lowering the living standards of our people as we continue to make a class or poor and dependent people on government provided services.”

      From the Daily Mail piece we have such gems which have been repeated time and again by us here, to wit:

      “For onshore turbines, Davey is prepared to give wind farm owners a subsidy of nearly 100 per cent on top of the market rate for electricity.”

      “However, subsidies for electricity provided by offshore wind farms is now more than twice as much – which is why firms from Germany, France, Sweden and other countries have been rushing to cash in on Britain’s unique subsidy bonanza.”

      Which should raise any sane persons alarm bells to his or her wallet and make them wonder why anyone would happily pay for green energy projects that will ultimately drive electric costs through the roof, thus leaving that person with fewer dollars to spend on the other necessary things in life like having a roof over their heads or eating three healthy square meals a day.

      “At the moment, by far the cheapest source of electricity is coal, still providing more than a third of our power
      and costing six times less than what we get from Mr Davey’s subsidised offshore wind farms.”

      Here across the Atlantic pond that separates two countries which have a unique intertwined long history, there is little more to say…in a sense the Brits are on their own here in not only continuing to internally destroy the standard of living in their country, but also their standing and slipping influence on the world stage.

      Even the Daily Mail sees the threat and sums up with this statement about the fraud of green energy:

      “We are looking here at the makings of a national catastrophe: one that will not
      just push our electricity bills through the roof, but could well lead to major power cuts and blackouts.”

      (Ps, I pointed this out a while back in another rant about what was going on now in Germany, where old timers in that country now worry about blackouts and having to decide whether to eat or save their money to pay in heating their homes during the winter.)

      “This will be the price we pay for a bout of collective insanity over renewable energy, for which it is hard to think of any historical parallel. It truly is time we woke up to the reality of where this crazed obsession with wind turbines is leading us.”

      Let this be another warning shot across the bow for anyone, citizen to clarify in our country, to vote for a DEMOCRAT or any Republican who supports tax payer supported green energy projects.

      In our republic where capitalism still rules, green energy projects should either stand and become profitable or fall for private investors who invest in them, sans any tax payer money. If it being solar and wind is competitive against fossil fuel products, then it will be the time to embrace and support them.

      On till then, “drill baby, drill” and vote against ANY politician that supports the green energy fraud.

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