2 for the Price of One from El Globo! Gulf of Maine’s cod stock falling, study says – Gulf of Maine Cod Stock at All-Time Low

The cod population in the Gulf of Maine is plummeting more steeply than previously thought, according a new assessment by the federal agency that monitors the fishing industry. Underwater surveys conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that the iconic species has dwindled to as little as 3 percent of what it would take to sustain a healthy population. Read more here Gulf of Maine Cod Stock at All-Time Low Read more here  16:15

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  1. borehead says:

    I just can’t help myself. I’ve gotta post the comments at the article because they won’t let me log in to answer these foolish bastards.

    What would you say to them?

    cake1408/02/14 08:19 AM

    This is so tiresome. Fishermen always claim there’s plenty out there – there isn’t. I was in Newfoundland in 1992, when the cod fishery there was closed “for two years” because stocks had crashed. Fishermen there at the time were loudly proclaiming there was plenty of cod out there. That fishery is still closed, twenty-two years later – the stocks never recovered.

    I get that fishermen don’t want to see their livelihoods imperiled. But if you’ve over-fished, the only two choices are either suffer for a few years now, or suffer a catastrophic crash soon.

    Those are the only two choices. When you are in the situation the Gulf of Maine cod fishery is in now, you must choose one of the other. The horse is already out of the barn.

    -Jarlath-08/02/14 09:25 AM

    We need to bring back diving only for scallops in order to protect the underwater habitants for all juvenile fish. The current scallop fishing is done by dragging nets along bottom floor of the sea, creating a desert like habitant, bereft of shelter for the developing fish.

    user_408770808/02/14 02:10 PM

    It’s time to get tough with those who think they can go on using the sea and its stocks like a mine instead of like a farm. It is a delusion to think that the number of people going into the fishing trade can keep going up. We need intelligent and thoughtful regulation of those numbers and the size of catch they can bring in. And dragging of the seabed must be outlawed. If that results in higher prices at the fish market and in the restaurants, so be it. There is only so much of this commodity to be had. When the earliest settlers came here, they could walk across the streams on the backs of salmon going up to spawn, but it is now clear that the days of superabundant fish-stocks are over, and we must get used to it. Just one more consequence of the overpopulation in our world.OCEANUS

  2. philips66 says:

    Heck of a job, jellyfish Jane!

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    PEW + Media = B.S.
    I think Peter Baker may have tripped over his Tongue. Calling it a Commercial Extinction of Cod. PEW comes up with these storylines that always make it to the Media. They sound like Commercials to me.

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