Out of Nowhere Comes an Updated Stock Assessment on Cod!

Some quips, quotes and communications of the new reformulated and deadly impromptu Cod Assessment from the good people at NOAA, and its under agencies. Read it, and tell me what you think. Our comment section is open! <Read more here> 17:16

2 Responses to Out of Nowhere Comes an Updated Stock Assessment on Cod!

  1. Tom G says:

    We the fisherman know the cod stocks are doing just fine… The real facts are NOAA and NMFS need to peel out bad news on the cod stocks in order to stay in the business of false reports to maintain there income and get there fair share of study dollars that is there for the taking. All they have to do is keep the reports in the negative and hit the submit button to collect there cash. Woopie Do, I lie yes i do, is there motto and they will keep doing this to keep themselves in business.

    Signed: We The Proud Fishermen of this great country.

  2. jmknbsc . says:

    One thing that I find pretty revealing is the fact that Peter Baker & company are trying to use this latest announcement as a way to try & bolster their opposition to groundfish vessels gaining access to the closed areas!
    He claims that this further protection of these spawning grounds & habitat areas will allow the cod to spawn & potentially survive (rebuild?). Hello,,, if that’s all that is needed Peter, why hasn’t that already occurred? Those areas have been completely closed to groundfish trawling since 1994, & during yearly spawning periods even before that!
    If the groundfish fishermen themselves,had been conducting a rebuilding policy such as this for 20+ years, with such dismal results & with such abhorrent costs; I think someone named Peter would be calling for a do-over.
    Let’s put the temporal bullshit aside, & let’s try to figure out a way to work with what we have, because if there no longer is a groundfish fleet, then there won’t be any further need for even your services!
    Jim Kendall – NBSC

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