Coast Guard suspends search, Marine Board begins investigation – Vigil for lost scallopers planned for Sunday at Fishermen’s Memorial

manatthewheelGLOUCESTER — While the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended its search for a vessel that went missing earlier this week, the Guard’s Marine Board of Investigations will now be conducting an investigation in an effort to find out what happened to that vessel, the Foxy Lady II and its crew. Meanwhile, a candlelight vigil is being planned for the crew of the Foxy Lady II in Gloucester, and is scheduled for Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial on Stacy Boulevard.

Angela Sanfillipo, president of the wives association, said the crew members were well known in town. “Just because they don’t live in Gloucester, that doesn’t mean they’re not our fishermen,” she said.  Read More

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  1. comfisherman576 says:

    well its like this that boat was equipped with a V.M.S. vessel monitoring system. i have owned several boats. i bought one of these vms it cost me $3,000.00 and another $100.00 a month to operate. it tracks your every movement down to 10 feet or less. every half hour the government sends it a ping and your vms reports your position, course and speed…. so them not knowing where the boat was is bullshit. also the E.P.I.R.B reports your position when activated once it hits the water like when the boat sinks. i watched a 38 foot commercial fishing dragger burn on stellwagon bank about 15 to 20 miles east of boston, now you would think the coast guard would be there right away well guess what a fire boat from boston fire department. the coast gaurd showed up 4 hours later… well the boat which burned up was my boss. i had his other dragger and before i could get to him my friend and his crew member from another dragger picked him up out of the water so do not depend on the coast gaurd to save your ass. another day i came in from fishing a 18 hour day the boat i tie up to has a epirb registered to it, well the thing was going off INSIDE gloucester harbor and they could not even find the dam boat at the dock!!!!! makes me feel real safe… well i called the coast gaurd reported the boat and epirb i thought i was doing the right thing, on the phone they told me how to disable the epirb. now the small 22 foot rubber raft was quickly approaching my boat…. i flagged them down and said this is the boat who you can not find…. NOW THEY BOARD MY BOAT AND GO THROUGH ALL MY SAFTEY GEAR all cause i helped them out….. i could not believe i was getting harassed for helping them out. go figure they must of been mad that i made them look like the idiots they really are lmfao!!!!. now 1 week later after the fire i was low on fuel and it was a sunday now i made it about 4 miles out, there was a 80 foot coast gaurd cutter sitting on anchor. the weather was kind of shitty out and being light on fuel it stirs the allege in the tank up. i decided to turn around for saftey reasons. its not like the owner could tow me in with his smaller boat cause the week prior it burnt and sunk… would you beleave the harrased me cause i turned around cause i did not feel safe. when the coast gaurd officers came aboard my boat they insisted i did not turn around for saftey reasons….. they kept asking me for the next 1 hour it took to get to the dock why i turned around i told them saftey reasons and they sais i was lying all i can say is wow!!! way to go uncle sam…. so being a fisherman is hard enough now not being able to trust the pepole who are suppose to save ur ass you can not trust go figure!!! well im pissed off enough about uncle sam i said enough thank you for taking your time reading this

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