Whatever Happened to Todd Zinsers 2nd NOAA Probe? – Inspectors general say Obama aides obstruct investigations

flagandscalesZinser exposed the corruption of the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement, the kangroo court of the GCL litigators and the ALJ, and had stated there would be a second investigation of NOAA rule making. We were not rewarded. Then there was the failed Swift Boating of  Zinser here. Now, this. Inspectors general say Obama aides obstruct investigations, Read more here Guess who is the first name of the IGs letter to the Oversight, and Government Reform Committee? Todd Zinser! 10:51

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  1. alaskagal says:

    I had been wondering and wondering what happened to the hours of interviews the I.G. conducted in Alaska over the treasonous Catch Shares. WTF, over.

    • borehead says:

      Now we know why nothing came from it. He can’t get to the administratively protected agency’s. I got the biggest kick out of seeing his signature at the top of the signees. His last name begins with the last name of the alphabet!

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        How about we all make our own rules. Then when we are arrested for violating the law we just say we work for the government. With the amount of taxes we pay we wouldn’t be lying.
        If you work for the government you are accountable to no one. Anything goes. Where’s the outrage?

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    It’s one thing to seal things from your personal life. Apparently TRANSPARENCY is something you put on an overhead Projector then promptly SHRED. It’s surprising that he hasn’t put Dale Jones on his Staff.
    New World order UP is Down and RGHT is WRONG.
    Then there’s the Political ENRON “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY”.

  3. Ec Newell Man says:

    The question should be framed, “what has happened to anyone in President Zero’s Administration who has tried to follow the rule of law and conduct oversight against the federal bureaucracy?”

    From the latest piece from the Washington comPost, (Commerce inspector general places two officials on leave after call for firings – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2014/08/07/commerce-inspector-general-places-two-officials-on-leave-after-call-for-firings/ ) points out the two culprits who essentially committed official misconduct, yet still collect a government check.

    We are at the point where it seems there is a pattern of this administration to evade, delay, lie, destroy, demonize, corrupt and essentially operate like a criminal enterprise in the way they go about the federal governments business.

    There is also the issue starting at the very top with AG Holder who no doubt is carrying the water for his golf playing and ever vacationing/fund raising buddy. One has to ask since the Nixon administration, have we ever seen such an outright conspiracy to destroy internal emails which lead down the path to criminal prosecution?

    Issa: More Than 20 Obama Officials ‘Lost or Destroyed’ E-mails After House Launched Probes – http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/384906/issa-more-20-obama-officials-lost-or-destroyed-e-mails-after-house-launched-probes

    Inspectors general say Obama aides obstruct investigations: Examiner Editorial – http://washingtonexaminer.com/inspectors-general-say-obama-aides-obstruct-investigations-examiner-editorial/article/2551805

    Time for the Re-pubic-hairs to grow a set and stop talking and start issuing supeonas and move towards prosecutions.

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