N.C. – 4 Days for public comments – seismic BLASTING from Sept. 15 to Oct. 22

This is the first I’ve read about this project off the NC coast, and according to the article, there are only four days left to comment. North Carolinian Fishermen are very good at standing up and being heard. Make sure they hear you now. Just say no. All those marine mammals you get crucified over are going to get pounded to death, and your fish will take a big hit. Read more here, and blast some letters out. 15:47

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  1. DickyG says:

    “The NSF project is to collect and analyze data along the Mid Atlantic coast of the East North American Margin to investigate how the continental crust stretched and separated during the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.”

    You can’t be serious. First of all this area is slated for oil and gas exploration. Do you really expect anyone to believe it’s merely a coincidence that seismic blasting, which is used by big oil to figure the most economical and productive areas to begin drilling, is also occurring in the same area at this time?

    And secondly is either excuse for the motivation for this atrocious incursion worthy of the havoc and destruction that it is sure to create?

    This is nothing more than the next step in big oil’s (2nd)
    5 Year Plan For The Outer Continental Shelf.

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