Appeals court orders state board to reconsider Atlantic City windfarm

The order requires the BPU to reconsider Fishermen’s Energy’s application to build the 25-megawatt project — which it rejected in April while citing costs to ratepayers — using supplemental information. “This is a big win both for Fishermen’s Energy and the state of New Jersey,” said Fishermen’s CEO Chris Wissemann.  Read more here 16:38

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Is this one of those statements that remind you, if your old enough, “It’s like déjà vu all over again?”

    Interesting…..haven’t we heard this before:

    “It is time for the state government to fulfill the promise of offshore
    wind in New Jersey and launch the investment, the jobs and the economic
    development that is waiting to be unleashed, in Atlantic City and across
    the State….”

    Atlantic City……at one time the east coast gambling mecca……

    From a NY Post article by Kyle Smith a few days ago:

    “It’s time for one last-ditch effort to save Atlantic City. They’ve tried everything else, so why not this one: Make gambling illegal.” “Now is as good a time as any to call it: Atlantic City is dead. The 1970s gambling experiment is a dismal failure that failed to bring lasting economic development.”

    (see: )

    Well that may be going a little to far here with Wind Energy, but rate payers will forceably, ‘suck down’ electric bills rising substantially once wind energy comes online.

    There is no getting away from cost rising 2,3,4,5 or more times (when compared to various fossil fuel products) from what was initially projected, especially with the US having more oil and natural gas at its disposal at anytime in this countries history?

    What was the cost comparison of clean coal vs wind energy…a minimum of 5x more expensive (see: Robert Murray of Murray Energy who quoted this price differential).

    At this time and for the coming years, wind energy will not come close to being a reasonable priced energy alternative, especially as noted by Charles Opalek, PE:

    “In reality, wind power doesn’t reduce CO2 emissions at all, because backup fossil power plants have to cycle wildly and inefficiently trying to keep up with erratic wind power output.”

    “Wind power will not replace fossil fired power plants. Germany estimates that by 2020 up to 96% of its wind power capacity will need to be backed up by new coal fired power plants.”

    (source: )

    The Europeans have seen what wind energy has brought about, and a number of countries that went “all in” such as Spain and Germany, have backed off further subsides as the costs to both the government and consumers has strained those nations budgets and slowed economic growth.

    In fact as noted in Institute of Energy Research, IER, April 2014:

    “Coal consumption in Germany in 2012 was the highest it has been since 2008, and electricity from brown coal in 2013 reached the highest level since 1990, when East Germany’s Soviet-era coal plants began to be shut down. German electricity generation from coal increased to compensate for the loss of the hastily shuttered nuclear facilities. Germany is now building new coal capacity at a rapid rate, approving 10 new coal plants to come on line within the next 2 years to deal with expensive natural gas generation and the high costs and unreliability of renewable energy.[iii] As a result, carbon dioxide emissions are increasing. In 2012, for example, Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions rose by 1.3 percent over 2011 levels!”

    Go here to read the IER report:

    By the way, under the histogram, this is the following statement…to wit:

    “Unfortunately, Germany has some of the highest costs of electricity in Europe, making its consumers energy poor.”

    The bottom line when you hear any of the spin about renewables, green and environmental friendly, and it being a boom to local and regional economies:


    On till wind energy is as reasonably priced as other fossil fuel products, or better yet, nuclear energy, hold onto your wallets and tell your politicians, especially those DEMOCRATS out there, do not approve any green energy projects at this time.

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