Fisheries enforcement in the Gulf under the JEA – On offshore patrol

Thanks to a Joint Enforcement Agreement between LDWF and U. S. National Marine Fisheries (Service), wildlife agents also patrol federal waters extending from Louisiana’s boundary waters to 200 miles seaward into the Gulf. The federal waters are also known as the Exclusive Economic Zone. Read more here 09:50

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  1. DickyG says:

    “The really big girls are the 42-foot Metal Sharks stationed at Venice, Grand Isle and Intracoastal City. They are powered by four 300-horsepower Verados and carry 600 gallons of fuel. Range for the Sharks is 500 miles.”

    Four 300hp gasoline outboards? What’s that consumption about 200gph?

    The “really big girls”? Oh Please!
    And aside from tacky and corny; isn’t that sexist or something?

    Go for it Huh! Hey, why not? it’s all on the taxpayers dime any way! 1200 outboard horsepower for busting a dozen Red Snapper? Most of these Rambo wannabes grew up with video computer games and haven’t quite given them up—a little Red Bull and Wheeeee! Watchout!

    If half this money and effort was put into some decent surveys and stock assessments there wouldn’t be a need for all this “enforcement”; but then where’s the glory and fun in that?

    And maybe we can get them to buzz a few of the other Deepwater Horizon type rigs that should be going off in the near future. I’m not impressed at all. No more than I was when I read about the 40,000 rounds of Hollow Tipped ammunition requisitioned for NOAA OLE not too long ago. HOLLOW TIPPED for Marine Fisheries?

    If you go to the article you’ll notice the picture of the heroes holding some Red Snapper the size of small German Shepherds. They must have busted someone for catching these specimens of such an “endangered species”.

    Endangered that is according to EDF’s Gulf Division—actually fishermen report the Gulf and South Atlantic grounds are paved with giant specimens of this Endangered Species.

    Reminds me of that heartbreaking shot of Joel holding up giant specimens of the Endangered Fluke they he had to discard.

    Hey, if it’s about life saving and safety that’s one thing; but a 1200 gasoline outboard horsepower Cigarette style boat— that’s something quite different.

    The Coast Guard has discovered Marine Diesels, but they’re not as much fun on a Sunday outing—remember the NMFS OLE Puget Sound drunken boating parties scandal and cover-up ?

    Pardon my sarcasm but this really gets my goat. This is nothing but more self-serving graft.

    And what’s worse is that the enforcing they’ll be doing is of EDF and CLF bogus endangered-species-of -the-week inspired fishery regulations. While at the same time in the Gulf, the oil companies party with BOEM and most likely set the stage for another Andarko-Exxon Valdez-BP Deepwater Horizon spill atrocity.

    • borehead says:

      Man, you’re right on the money!
      These guys are all jacked up being part of the NMFS goon squad.
      How soon everybody forgets about the NOAA OLE Dale “Shreddr” Jones story of jack booted thugs greedy GCL and judges that enjoyed the fruits of their “labor”.
      We are living in a kinder gentler machine gun land!

      • DickyG says:

        Yes indeedy, looks like they busted those Red Snapper cold. I wonder what for? Maybe they got them on engaging in excessive stock health and spawning outside of a Marine Protected Area?
        No, Wait, I know what they got them on…Swimming-While-Endangered.

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    And while they’re out there eradicating those terrorist fishermen from the Gulf, our southern borders are being over run by God only knows who. Drug cartels, Al Quida, Isis? What fools are calling the shots promoting these programs?

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