Shrimpers getting Screwed – Shrimp Season Showdown: Oilmen, shrimper at odds over blasting

A huge blasting operation by an energy exploration company in prime shrimping waters has pit oilmen against fishermen, who say it interferes with what had promised to be a lucrative white shrimp season. “It’s poor management and poor government and companies knowing the situation and knowing that these poor guys are struggling out there,” ,,, Read more here  16:47

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  1. DickyG says:

    Just wonderin’ Who does LDWF (the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fish) actually work for?

    Is it BP and Andarko? Or Is it Pew/EDF (Gulf Division)?

    And is there any difference between Pew/EDF and Big Oil, or are they really the same?

    From the article:
    “The exploration firm, Houston-based Castex Energy, says it has done all that is required and more before commencing their 400-plus square mile, $50 million project, which requires detonation of C-4 and other explosives beneath state waters.”

    “LDWF plays a key role in permitting seismic exploration within state waters.”

    This LDWF agency that is “partnering” with NOAA Law Enforcement and fleecing the public for 1200hp outboard-fun is according to the article above approving the oil company blasting (“blasting” as in explosives) of 400 sq. miles of bottom in state waters. And they call this “exploration”?

    “…Castex Energy, says it has done all that is required and more before commencing” Can you imagine what a statement like that means in Louisiana? (No Don’t, it gets Pornographic—terribly distracting!)

    Fishermen are upset about the fact that the blasting is taking place on the opening of their White Shrimp season. But isn’t anyone upset about the fact that they are using C-4 explosive to destroy 400 sq. miles of bottom, seems to me a heinous crime in itself, one which is sanctioned by the LDWF and NOAA–no less?

    This kind of public indoctrination and numbing to big oil’s blatant resource theft and rampant corruption is what happens when you live in, and try to make a living outside of the oil industry (especially fishing), in an oil industry owned state where officials and politicians party on oil money, and buy outboard ocean racers for its “agents” to track down those Red Snapper Criminals.

    And perhaps it’s not just an oil industry owned state; maybe it should read: an oil industry owned nation—world?.

    When the dead mammals, fish, crabs, turtles, and birds wash up on the beach after the blast, those “big girls”, those 1200hp JEA boats will be mighty handy chasing down the shrimpers who failed to use their TEDs—which according to NOAA’s reasoning will have been the root cause of all the wildlife carnage.

    When turtles and Dolphin were washing up on inshore beaches in January, months after the Deepwater spill in the Gulf, Jane Lubchenco was blaming the wildlife deaths on shrimping. There wasn’t a whole lot of shrimping those days anyway, but what there was didn’t start until April, months after the turtle deaths.

    In June of 2010 the Gulf experienced a BP rig’s 200 million gallon oil spill seasoned with a few million gallons of even more toxic Corexit—a dispersant that sinks and hides the floating rafts of oil. Not more than months after the spill, Jane Lubchenco astoundingly declared 75% of the oil had vanished. Seems according to NOAA’s research and science the oil had been eaten by ravenous microbes (the warm Gulf water makes them crazy-hungry, don’t you know). And at the same time she was touting how NOAA and EDF were working feverishly saving many of the distressed aquatic creatures—that had been injured in shrimper’s nets!

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” coming to your State SOON!!!
    Don’t worry they won’t be messing with your Property. They already STOLE it from you with this Executive Order, ONE MAN’S DECISION. We have no representation from OUR SENATORS or REP.S. Checks and Balances are now handled by BIG BUSINESSES LEDGER BOOKS.
    God save the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the invasive GREEN MOLD is slowly smothering the NATION.
    Where’s the Supreme Court or have they been bought also?

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