Sea Shepherd extremists arrested, vessels seized after interfering with grindadráp

The hunts, also called grindadráp (or grinds) are community-based events which are protected by the local police and the Danish Navy. Even Grindaformenn, or the men in charge of organizing the hunt are allowed to remove interlopers. On Saturday, activists’ attempts at stopping the hunt had failed.   Read the rest here 22:23

9 Responses to Sea Shepherd extremists arrested, vessels seized after interfering with grindadráp

    • borehead says:

      As someone versed in the growth of vegetation, Rich, you must be aware that the Faroe Islands are not an agricultural mecca. They eat from the sea.

      • The Faroe Islanders can’t by grains and vegetables?

        • borehead says:

          Why should they have to? Because you don’t approve of what they’ve eaten for hundreds of years? Makes real sense to eat something that requires copious amounts of fresh water to grow, instead of harvesting a sustainable natural resource that requires no fresh water to grow.

  1. Karl Gooch says:

    they eat from the sea? that must be why so much of the kill gets disguarded, they claim its a ritual,load of bollocks, the toxins that is in this sustainable natural resource is not acceptable in todays food industry. if what is in it is printed on a packet it would not be legal to sell. how much of this product is exported? none.why? because nobody wants it. nowt but a bunch of bloodthirsy inbreds who dont know any better.

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    I’m sick and tired of all of these “do gooders” telling people how to conduct their lives. From Sir Paul not liking the seal hunt in Newfoundland to all of the card carrying PETA tards. Get a job and leave these people who are doing what they have done for thousands of years alone.
    Go vegan?…. Right…..Kiss my meat eating fur wearing ass

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