Dick Grachek: Thank you Seth Macinko

63338_485671558129923_2088140092_s dickygThank you Seth Macinko. Since I’ve been reading your work, over several years of Fish Wars, it has always been gratifying to see that there is at least one person in the URI Economics Department and Department of Marine Affairs that values truth and integrity over personal economic gain. Read the rest here 17:26

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    I was thinking the same thing Dick. As a matter of fact I played his keynote address over the radio while fishing yesterday to a few like minded fishermen who have not sold out to the eco zealots and see fishing as a privilege and not their personal government given 401K retirement plan.
    When it was over I commented to one of the guys how much I admire Seth and the fact that he is not a sell out and tells it like it is.
    How people get blinded by greed and can’t see that this is just another step in the new world orders corporate take over of our nation is beyond me. Own the food and you own the people. The facts are all laid out by Seth in his speech. Shame on those who would promote the ruination of the American fisherman, an American food supply, and the American way of life to satisfy their greed and lust for the almighty dollar.

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