Your View: Cod report has no scientific value, by Richard Canastra –

The Gulf of Maine cod fishery faces some big-ticket problems. Warming waters, concerns of overfishing, an economic disaster and stock assessment controversy all threaten this essential coastal industry. The common thread between these varied issues, however, is a troubling pattern of distrust. That pattern continues, unfortunately, with this latest assessment update of Gulf of Maine cod. The process by which the assessment was conducted, and in turn its results, speak to fishermen’s valid concerns for a serious need for greater transparency and cooperation in fisheries management. Read the rest here 09:21

  • philips66

    ” is not inclusive, not transparent, not timely, not in compliance with the peer review process and not trustworthy.” AMEN to that. Great letter. & Computer Models were meant to be adjusted to fit their pre-determined results. In the case of NMFS, the pre-determined results are whatever EDF and Pew say they are!